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As a university start-up we are the top-of-mind platform for Predictive Intelligence serving thought-leading companies across the globe at all sizes, segments and industries.

AI is the calculator

Predictive Intelligence is the Roadmap!

What most people still do not see is the fact, that AI is only a tool. It is a „better calculator“ – not more than that. This means that all is about the application of AI in order to create economical added-value as a means to an end. AI is a calculator or a steering wheel, where else Predictive Intelligence (PI) is the roadmap or the GPS showing the way towards your goal.




What Partners Say About Predictores:


We were granted one MVP with Predictores and jointly developed a pricing prediction engine for one of our product lines. It was a totally new experience in the area of artificial and business intelligence which leveraged our capabilities extensively!

Dr. Claudine S.
Business Intelligence Manager
International Automotive Supplier

The research project with Prof. Seebacher as part of our industry disruption study was very enriching as we generated totally new insights about our business model. 

Katherina M.
HighTech Start-up Finance Industry

Navigating Tomorrow:
The Difference between AI and PI

Focused Predictive Capabilities

While AI can encompass a wide range of cognitive functions, including learning, reasoning, and self-correction, PI is specifically tailored to anticipate future events and trends, providing a narrower and more focused application that is directly actionable.

Proactive Decision Making

General AI might react or adapt to new data or changes in the environment. In contrast, PI specifically equips users with the forward-looking insights necessary to take preemptive action, thereby offering a pathway to not just responsiveness but proactive strategy.

Operational Efficiency and Optimization

While AI can optimize current operations based on existing patterns and data, PI extends this by continuously learning and predicting the best future actions, thus continually refining and improving operational strategies over time.

Customization and Personalization

AI might provide customization based on current or past behavior. In contrast, PI leverages this to predict and adapt to future needs or changes in behavior, thus offering a more dynamic and anticipatory personalization approach.


Predictive Intelligence is the art and science of future-crafting, a discipline where business competence, data, innovation, and method and structural sciences converge. At, we’re pioneering this frontier, transforming abstract data into concrete foresight and decision recommender. It’s more than predicting; it’s about understanding the narrative of tomorrow and sculpting it today. As the architect of this movement, I envision a world where every strategic decision is empowered by predictive clarity and every organization is ahead of its time.

Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr. Uwe G. Seebacher (MBA)
Predictive Intelligence Mastermind

The origins of Predictores.aI since 2O16

Leading Universities, Industry Experts and Key Groups Propel

The development of began in 2016 with initial research. By 2017, pilot projects showcased its practical use for international industry group ANDRITZ. Successes in 2019 led to a research team forming at the University of Applied Sciences Munich and a publication project with Springer in 2020. First leading-edge results were delivered in 2021 for the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (AWO) and Talto. In 2021, a strategic MVP was developed with a team of international researchers and think tanks. The focus expanded in 2022 with 40 industry-specific research projects with researchers from the IMT, the University Vienna and Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Since then the advancements are driving the industry.

Recent Publication Project

Together with below shown and additional 15 esteemed colleagues from universities in the United States, Europe and also Asia we developed a new publication on collective intelligence for the CRC Press Taylor Francis Group publisher based in Boca Raton, Florida. The results of the joint project will be published in fall 2024.

Dr. Peter Bisevac
Singidunum University
Dr. Tamara Zivkovic
Belgrade University
Bhimana Sasidhar
Technological University Hyderabad
Tatjana Legler
Technical University of Kaiserslautern
Ahmad Waseem Ghauri
Ohio University
Prof. Dr. Juergen Grotepass
Tongji University Shanghai

Leading with PI

Unleashing Economic Value through Precision AI Integration

In essence, PI stands as the forefront concept in the realm of AI application, distinguished by its methodical selection and integration of trustworthy AI tools in both parallel and sequential configurations. This unique approach enables the creation of measurable economic value. Predictive Intelligence is not just another subset of AI; it is a specialized, thought-leading paradigm focused on leveraging precise AI for forecasting and proactive decision-making. With PI, businesses and individuals transcend the basic understanding of present conditions offered by general AI. Instead, they embrace a strategic partner dedicated to navigating and sculpting the future, making PI an indispensable and revolutionary service for maintaining competitive edge in our dynamic world.







AI - The Modern Calculator

Demystifying the
Digital Deity

In the whirlwind of technological advancement, it’s easy to elevate AI to mythic status, perceiving it as an all-knowing oracle rather than the sophisticated tool it truly is. AI, at its core, is akin to a modern calculator — an incredible machine capable of astonishing feats within its programmed capabilities, yet fundamentally limited by the inputs it receives and the algorithms that drive it. It’s a creation of human ingenuity, tirelessly precise and endlessly iterative, but it lacks the intuitive grasp of context that human judgment provides. Recognizing AI’s true nature and its place as a powerful aid in our decision-making arsenal allows us to use it with more intention and effectiveness. It’s a pivotal step towards leveraging technology for our advancement while maintaining the irreplaceable value of human insight.

Predictive Intelligence

Dr. Uwe Seebacher’s concept of PI, or Predictive Intelligence, is a sophisticated, innovative approach that goes beyond traditional AI applications. It’s characterized by the strategic selection and integration of reliable, high-quality AI tools that operate both in parallel and sequential harmony. This careful orchestration ensures a robust, trustworthy system designed to deliver measurable economic value and actionable insights.

PI is not just about forecasting; it’s about creating a comprehensive, anticipatory framework that empowers businesses to make informed, proactive decisions. Under Dr. Seebacher’s vision, PI is leveraged as a transformative tool, guiding organizations in navigating complex markets, optimizing operational efficiencies, and capitalizing on future opportunities with unprecedented precision and insight. It represents a leap towards a more predictive, intelligent future, where data-driven decisions lead to tangible, strategic advantages.

Artificial Intelligence


In the context of Dr. Uwe Seebacher’s advancements in Predictive Intelligence (PI), it’s pertinent to consider the current shortcomings of AI. AI often grapples with the issue of explainability, leaving users puzzled by its decision-making processes. It heavily relies on large volumes of high-quality data, which are not always accessible or ethical to procure. While AI has made significant strides, its models can be too generalized, lacking nuanced understanding, or overly specialized, failing to adapt to new contexts.

The ethical and social implications of AI, including biases and privacy concerns, are increasingly coming to the fore as AI becomes more integrated into our lives. There’s also the problem of over-reliance, potentially leading to a degradation of human skills and oversight. Additionally, the practical integration of AI into existing systems poses significant challenges for many organizations, including costs, complexity, and cultural barriers. These issues highlight the need for a more refined, strategic approach to AI, exemplified by Dr. Seebacher’s work with Predictive Intelligence, which aims to harness the power of AI more responsibly, transparently, and effectively.

Navigate the Future

Innovation Meets Academic Rigor: The PI Revolution

Discover the cornerstone of Predictive Intelligence with „Predictive Intelligence for Data-Driven Managers,“ authored by PI pioneer Uwe Seebacher. Published by Springer, this seminal work presents an academically validated blueprint for harnessing the full potential of Predictive Intelligence. It articulates a process model, offers precise assessment tools, and provides an IT blueprint, enriched with expertise models and real-world case studies. This book embodies the intellectual foundation that has propelled to the forefront of the PI field, showcasing the company’s commitment to academically substantiated, cutting-edge solutions for tomorrow’s data-driven decision-making.

Our PIaaS Packages

Unlock the future of decision-making with our easy-to-activate Predictive Intelligence as a Service (PIaaS), offering monthly payment flexibility, automatic updates, and the latest in AI technology – all to ensure you’re always at the cutting edge with minimal effort.


Leveraging PI for Tailored Foresight

Elevate your strategy with our Advanced Prediction Package, harnessing global external data for precise, industry-specific forecasts. Stay ahead with actionable intelligence in any field with one quarterly PI update call in addition to your 24/7 interactive PI portal.


per month


Comprehensive Insights for Unmatched Precision

The Extended Prediction Package offers an unparalleled blend of internal and external data analysis, providing the most holistic insights for your unique predictive needs. Whether pinpointing market trends or forecasting operational shifts, this package empowers you with a 360-degree perspective for any matter area prediction. With this package you will stay ahead with one monthly PI update call with our experts in addition to your 24/7 interactive PI portal..


per month


Integrated Simulation with Complete Data Spectrum

Our Excellence Prediction Package delivers the ultimate prediction tool by combining internal and external data insights with the latest simulation technologies. This fusion creates a sophisticated predictive model for any area of interest, offering you a cutting-edge advantage in strategic planning and decision-making. This model also includes one monthly PI call with our experts in addition to your 24/7 interactive PI portal.


per month

In a world inundated with data, Predictive Intelligence stands as the beacon of actionable wisdom. The time has gone where finding data and gold digging from data was the job. It is not anymore about eliminating time for research and evaluation because it is about 24/7 online immediate knowing the future for being able to draw the right decisions.  Through, we are not just interpreting the future; we are architecting it with precision, one prediction at a time.

Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Legat

5 Simple Steps

  1. Kick off Workshop for defining the exact prediction challenges based on which the experts develop the data model and prediction structure
  2. The first predictions are available based on which the initial data model and prediction structure is being validated. In this stage the entire predictions are evaluated based on the available currently used data and reports from the client organization.
  3. A stringency and congruency analysis allows for a seondary validation but also a divergence evaluation and reasoning.
  4. The team finalizes your specific PI infrastructure and the automates the predictioning as well as the dashboarding based on our corporate designs and styleguides.
  5. Your PI is launched and from now on you profit from the always ideal selection of combined trustworthy, most valide and powerful AI technologies and your PI stack 24/7 learns and optimizes itself based on your feedback

Simple Reasons To Choose Us

Business Expertise

Empower your business decisions with Predictores' extensive experience, where deep market insights translate into actionable predictive strategies tailored to your growth.

Methods & Structures

Predictores' methodological and structural expertise is your key to unlocking complex data patterns, providing robust Predictive Intelligence solutions that cater to your unique challenges.

AI & IT Competence

With Predictores, you gain access to the forefront of AI and IT innovation, ensuring your predictive systems are not just sophisticated, but also intuitive and aligned with your business objectives.

PI Dashboard Samples

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