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Predictive Intelligence

We are the Top-of-Mind Platform for Predictive Intelligence serving Thought-leading companies across all sizes, segments and industries.

Predictive Intelligence


Predictive Intelligence as a Service is your jump start into a totally new era of data-driven management by p recisely predicting future business and scenarios.

  • get jump-started to get access to our PI plattform
  • get guided to start working with our PI platform
  • get provided a solid and sustainbale prediction environment to find new business opportunities, emerging regions but also new projects
  • get enabled to quickly comprehensively use our PI platform for successful business development, planning and monitoring


Predictive Intelligence upon Request is your option to solve with our matter experts your very special business intelligence challenge. Based on your request and needs we advise and guide you to find your answers.

  • get enabled to express specific PI demand
  • get guided to define scope of required PI measures
  • get provided with a customized PI roadmap to efficiently and effectively establish necessary infrastructure
  • get trained to develop required human intelligence (HI) to best profite from PI
  • get supported to ongoingly further develop the corporate PI team and infrastructure revolutionizes the precision of planning and predicting business through multi-level AI-application and agile, omni-dimensional data Usage!

Prof. Dr. Uwe Seebacher (MBA)

Professor for Predictive Intelligence
University for Applied Sciences Munich