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…to, where the future of predictive intelligence meets the ingenuity of human insight. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to harnessing the power of AI to unlock unprecedented opportunities across various sectors. Our vision is to create a world where AI and human intelligence (HI) work in synergy, ensuring more accurate predictions, smarter decisions, and innovative solutions to complex challenges.

At, we believe in a future where technology amplifies human potential, not replaces it. Our core values revolve around innovation, integrity, and inclusivity. We strive to continuously push the boundaries of what AI can achieve, while maintaining ethical standards and fostering an environment where diverse perspectives lead to groundbreaking ideas.

Join us on this journey as we explore the limitless possibilities of AI and human collaboration. Welcome to – Predicting the future, empowering the present.


The biggest challenge in the context of artificial intelligence (AI) is „HI“ – the human intelligence. It’s essential to remember that the „calculator“ AI, with its predictive intelligence (PI) as the real guiding GPS and roadmap, serves not just as a tool for computation, but as a bridge to enhance and amplify our own cognitive capacities. The real challenge lies not within the realms of AI or PI, but in synergizing these with the nuanced, irreplaceable wisdom of HI. It’s this fusion that truly unlocks the potential of any technological advance. We stand at the cusp of a new era, where AI and PI are not a replacement, but a partner to human ingenuity.

Prof. Dr. Anne Taylor

The lecture of faculty Seebacher was groundbreaking and very exciting as starting point for my colleagues into a new area of data-driven management and. business intelligence. The research project for the Federal Austrian Chamber of Commerce showed me, how significant the advancements have been outperforming global companies such as IBM or Microsoft.

Dominik Brunner
Predictores CEO
2021 – 2023

Our History

…began in 2017 with an ambitious foray into the realm of business intelligence, collaborating with some of the world’s leading industry giants. It was during this groundbreaking venture that we uncovered a pivotal truth: the future of business planning hinges on multi-dimensional, evidence-based strategies. This revelation wasn’t just an insight; it was a call to action that reshaped our path forward.

Embracing this new direction, we swiftly moved beyond traditional models, launching our first BI dashboards and, with them, the groundbreaking N2N data cubes. These weren’t just tools; they were gateways to a new era of business foresight. Our dashboards did more than display data – they wove complex information into a tapestry of insights, setting the stage for a revolution in decision-making.

As we delved deeper, our aspirations grew. We sought not just to understand the present but to anticipate the future. This quest led us to unlock the immense potential of Predictive Intelligence. With each stride, we weren’t just opening a door; we were paving a highway towards unprecedented precision in forecasting. At, this was the moment our vision crystalized – to not just navigate the future but to sculpt it, using the power of data and the brilliance of human foresight. Welcome to our world, where predictive intelligence isn’t just a concept; it’s a reality reshaping the landscape of business strategy.

Our Services

…stand at the forefront of revolutionizing business strategy through advanced AI and Predictive Intelligence (PI). Our services are rooted in the power of AI to transform vast data into actionable insights, predicting trends, and guiding decisions. We specialize in creating custom AI solutions tailored to specific industry needs, offering a range of services from data analysis to predictive modeling. Our unique approach lies in the integrated, parallel and sequential combination of PI with intuitive user interfaces, making complex predictions accessible and actionable for all levels of business users. At, we’re not just about algorithms; we’re about empowering organizations and their leaders to navigate the future with confidence based on so far not available multi-source converged evidence already today.

Our Team

…is the diverse heart of experts, each bringing a unique blend of professional prowess and personal passion to our mission. Leading the team is international recognized methods and structural scientist Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr. Seebacher (MBA), as his lecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich was the origin of the student start-up. He is a visionary in AI/PI, whose groundbreaking work has paved the way for new methodologies in predictive intelligence. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Legat, our Chief Technology Officer, brings a rich history in software development and a keen eye for innovative solutions. Prof. Dr. Taylor from Wisconsin acts as interim CHRO for people and culture. Each team member, from our creative marketers to our diligent developers, contributes to the vibrant tapestry of, making us more than a company – we’re a fast, agil and dynamically growing community of innovators, visionaries, and doers. Key Facts (2023)


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Selected Success Stories and Case Studies

Fig. 1: Team Meeting at Co-working space in Munich
(Source: Dominik Brunner)

International Technology Group

Implementation of Predictive Intelligence for Supply Chain Optimization

The International Technology Group faced challenges in managing its complex global supply chain. By partnering with, they implemented an PI-driven solution that revolutionized their supply chain management. The results were substantial:

  • Reduction in supply chain costs by 25% within the first year.
  • Improvement in delivery times by 40%, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Increased efficiency in inventory management, reducing excess stock by 30%.
  • PI enabled a 20% improvement in demand forecasting accuracy.

Global Automotive Supplier

PI-Enhanced Production Line Efficiency

A leading player in the automotive industry collaborated with to integrate PI in their production lines. The focus was on optimizing manufacturing processes and predictive maintenance:

  • Enhanced production efficiency by 35% through PI algorithms optimizing assembly line workflows.
  • Reduced machine downtime by 50% with PI-based maintenance, saving millions annually in lost productivity.
  • Improved product quality, resulting in a 45% decrease in post-sale service requirements.
  • Increased overall factory efficiency by 25% based on increase volume prediction, contributing to a significant rise in annual revenue.

Fig. 2: Team Meeting at Research Hub Chicago
(Source: Uwe Seebacher)

Fig. 3: Alignment Meeting Investment Bank New York
(Source: Uwe Seebacher)

Healthcare Investment Group

Data-Driven Investment Strategies in Healthcare Sector

The Healthcare Investment Group sought to refine its investment strategies using’s data analysis capabilities. The collaboration led to impressive gains:

  • Achieved a 30% higher ROI on investments within two years compared to previous strategies.
  • Identified and invested in three high-potential startups, each showing a growth trajectory of over 200% within the first year.
  • Enhanced market analysis led to a 50% reduction in investment risks and a more diversified portfolio.
  • Developed a predictive model that identified emerging healthcare trends, leading to early investments in two rapidly growing health tech sectors.

Our Philosophy

At, we embrace a philosophy where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI) are not just interconnected, but are complementary forces driving the future. Our approach is deeply influenced by the insights of Uwe Seebacher, a leader in methods and structural sciences, who advocates for the synergy of AI and HI. We believe AI and Predictive Intelligence (PI) are powerful tools that, when used effectively, can significantly enhance human decision-making capabilities. Our services are designed not to replace human intuition and creativity, but to augment them, ensuring that technology serves to broaden, not limit, human potential. This collaborative approach is more than a theoretical ideal; it is a practical strategy that underpins all our innovations and service offerings. In every aspect of our work, from developing new AI algorithms to designing user-centric platforms, we strive to maintain a harmonious balance where technology amplifies human capabilities, and human intellect guides technological advancement. At, we are committed to creating solutions that embody this balance, offering transformative and ethically responsible AI developments that empower individuals and organizations alike.

We are currently in an exciting phase of developing our Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), crucial stepping stones in our journey. Each project and partnering company is meticulously chosen in collaboration with our academic committees. This careful selection process is designed to maximize our knowledge acquisition across a diverse spectrum of topics, industries, and prediction parameters. This development stage is set to continue throughout 2024. By the end of this period, we anticipate converging all our advancements to launch our innovative Predictive-Intelligence-as-a-Service (PIaaS) platform, a milestone achievement for us at

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Legat